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Furry Fantasies II  

(Front Cover)The Sequel

After two years of silence, Furry Fantasies is back with an all new CD. "Furry Fantasies II" is a music compilation written, performed, and produced by furry fans from all over Europe. It spans a very wide range of styles, ranging from orchestral-style film music to modern pop songs, solid guitar-based rock and even fully synthetic industrial. 

One Step Further

We have learned a lot since the first Furry Fantasies CD came out. One of the most common points of criticism was, that the first CD was nice, but just not furry enough. This has now changed. The new CD bears the subtitle "Original Soundtrack" because each song has a very special story to tell, expressing a very special feeling. In contrast to the first CD there is more real, hand-made music to be heard. There are no more cheap XM modules, but an excellent balance of modern electronic music, acoustical instruments performed by real, living artists and lots of vocals. Even if the first CD did not meet your taste, you should give the second issue a try. I promise, you'll be in for a surprise.