Lioness was born out of a desire to reconnect high-achieving women with the deepest parts of themselves so they can lead their lives and their businesses from a place of feminine power.  


It's time to remove that heavy armor you've been wearing all day to survive in that high stakes, pressure ridden, masculine-dominated work environment.

Imagine having a space where you can disarm and be your messy, happy-sad, light-dark, crazy ass smart, unapologetic self. Surrounded by other powerful, creative, extraordinary women at the top of their game, just like you.

A place where you can ask the big questions like do I freeze my eggs or start a family now? Is being married to my job really enough? I've climbed the ladder, is this it? How do I unbitch my leadership style AND be even more successful?

You don’t have to go it alone.

We give you the space to explore the real issues facing powerful women on the rise today because we are women on the leading edge of consciousness. We are the ones who will finally be heard by using our feminine magnetism, not brute force. We are the ones who will make the changes our businesses and world needs today, from the inside out.


When a woman turns on, so does the world around her.

Like a lightbulb illuminating the world, when a woman is fully alive and tapped into her truth, it shines on everyone around her. We believe there’s nothing a turned on and turned-in woman can’t get.

Inside every strong, successful woman is a wild woman ready to be unleashed.

When a woman is wild, she is free—connected to her intuition and tapped into her deepest desires. It’s time for powerful, wise women to step forward in a new way to lead our companies and our world right now.

This isn’t just a women’s issue, this is a business issue.

Companies need women in leadership positions. This isn’t about filling a diversity quotient or helping women “break the glass ceiling.” This is about bringing uniquely feminine qualities—like inclusion, community, and quality relationships—to the table and the boardroom to help create more balanced, empathetic corporate cultures.

The 9-5 world is gone.

The old paradigm of the traditional workday are endangered because there are so many creative options for meaningful work in the current climate. Companies beware: get with the program or we’ll just start our own.


Stephanie Redlener, Founder

It took me years to realize that I didn’t have to lead with force. I spent so much time making sure I appeared strong, cool and put together that the pressure became too much to bear. I went on a journey to rediscover and reclaim my soft side, my vulnerable side; the parts of me that had been hiding. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m committed to showing the world who I am. I’ve made it my mission to help other super powerful women do the same.

As a sacred leadership advisor, my career has been grounded in working deeply with people and companies during times of transformation. My expertise lies in talent strategy, culture change and leadership.  I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies such as IBM and MetLife to help them attract top talent and build culture. I’ve led the strategy practice for The Talent Business, a global search agency that works with the world’s most innovative companies and talent. I’ve also worked deeply with highly successful and creative people around self confidence, leadership, and career building.

Along the way, I’ve met so many amazing, talented, and successful women who feel disconnected from who they are, from what they truly want, from their deepest truth—where their feminine power lies. They are afraid of vulnerability. They feel stuck, unsatisfied, longing for more. They’ve achieved success on the outside, but the inside doesn’t feel connected.   

This is where Lioness comes in.  

A Lioness is a huntress. A provider. A mother. A doer. She is deeply to connected to her tribe. She is both powerful and nurturing, strong and soft. That is the inspiration behind our name and the women we work with.


Our Collective team

Depending on the type of engagement we are working on we will bring in a super powered team as necessary.  Our collective consists of female entrepreneurs, organizational change agents, facilitators, expert coaches, and urban shamans who have deep experience working inside creative organizations and people’s hearts to ignite lasting change.  And oh, we have a few men too.

Like our vibe?