Sharpen your skill set with Head Lioness Stephanie Redlener


Sharpen your skill set with Head Lioness Stephanie Redlener


Working with Stephanie privately is a premium experience as she only accepts a number of private clients at a time.

Part business coach, part intuitive guide, Stephanie works in her multi-modality approach with you for a bespoke experience that includes business strategy + advisement, process-driven approaches, somatic activations and embodiment practices. She works with the entire system and whole bodies and lives to create alignment and elevation throughout the many facets of your world.


If you are...

 In the middle of creating a thing…writing a book, launching a business, pivoting your current business, dreaming about something you want to make real…Stephanie will be by your side making sure you get it done and stay accountable to your dreams - in the most fun and pleasurable way

 On the burnout train - so overly focused on your career that you’re ignoring the other important parts of yourself, especially your own needs, Stephanie will help you rebalance your frequency is where it needs to be

 A high functioning career woman always on the move, wanting to slow the fuck down so you can get the downloads and insights you need to make your next move, Stephanie will give you the tools and practices to

 You have a vision and a mission you want to see through in this lifetime and want a badass female advisor/coach/ride or die by your side

Stephanie only works with women who are dedicated to living a big life, down to do the work, and here to represent the  

Her skills are highly unique and the combination of what she does is unlike anyone else in the market.

As your resident coach and feminine intelligence advisor, I will be by your side as you:

  • Get clear on what you truly want in your life and business and develop a plan to get there
  • Plug into your innate feminine prowess to show up as an authentic leader and badass woman 
  • Master your inner game and stop giving a fuck what other people think – finally set yourself free 
  • Move through any stuckness, emotional blocks, and old stories that are keeping you from stepping into your boldest story yet 
  • Reawaken your sensuality, your body wisdom, and feminine power to lead from a place of abundance and pleasure – not overwhelm and burnout
  • Structure your time and set boundaries to prioritize yourself while effortlessly managing your team, family and everyone else - without the guilt 

Ultimately, I will help you become an UNSTOPPABLE Lioness in every area of your life – let’s do this!


At Lioness, we do things differently. We believe there’s a new way for women to lead – and it’s not with brute force. It’s embodied. It’s intuitive. It’s holistic.

With my background in executive coaching and organizational development combined with my expertise as a somatic sex, love, and relationship coach, I offer a range of services and techniques to help you step into your most authentic power - in every area of your life. I’ve helped hundreds of women globally accomplish their boldest goals and desires.

Let’s face it – how we do anything is how we do everything. Your body has wisdom for you. Your sensuality holds keys to your power in the boardroom and the bedroom. The way you lead affects your whole life. We are humans, not silos.


Coaching is a minimum commitment of 3 months. 

To explore whether this is right for you, schedule an exploratory call.