A 6-month feminine leadership mastermind designed to uplevel your sex, your money, your soul ... and everything in your life





A 6-month feminine leadership mastermind designed to uplevel your sex, your money, your soul ... and everything in your life

It’s time to
level up

Step into your next level everything alongside a curated group of powerful Lioness women.

What is Sex, Money & Soul?

Get ready to unleash your inner magic and embrace your most authentic self. You know that life isn't just about hustling hard and putting everyone else first. It's about owning your unique gifts and magic, radiating joy, and embracing your inner badassery. So let’s do that, ya? 

The world needs female leaders who stop waiting for a permission slip that will never come. Women who play full out, are fucking outrageous, and have a wildly abundant life. Women who lead in a way that’s aligned with their values and makes waves in the world. But how do you make that transformation?


This is what Sex Money Soul is all about. It’s a fierce sisterhood of ten women who will crack you open and level up every area of your life. Together we’ll embark on an intimate and profound journey of group coaching, sensuality, embodiment, pleasure and tried-and-true feminine leadership techniques that will empower you to become a woman who truly transforms the world just by being herself.


You ready queen?


Darling, you were
meant for more.

This one is for my overachievers, late night creatives, multi-hyphenates, fearless founders and solopreneurs and all women who have worked their way to the top to find themselves wanting more…or perhaps just something different. 

If you are winning a game you don’t really want to be playing, you’re in the right place. This program is for those ready to break the rules to change the game.

Step into The Mastermind

Step into your next level life, alongside a fearless pack of sisters at the top of their game

What’s Included in the Mastermind
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Stephanie 
  • 2x Monthly Virtual Group Coaching Call
  • Kickoff Retreat in Upstate New York in October
  • In-Person Gathering in NYC in January
  • In-Person Closing Retreat in April in Upstate New York
  • Private WhatsApp Group to share celebrations, ask for support and work through any challenges 
  • Guest Teachers , on financial abundance, launching your ideas in the world using the birthing process, sexuality experts, etc
  • Virtual Photo Shoot with Mitzie Gibson

Next Cohort launching Oct 2023.


You may feel the call if…

  • You’re ready to step into your Queendom, your Lioness leadership and life.
  • You want to finally own and embody what it means to be a feminine leader in the world. Including your feminine prowess, financial abundance and visibility. 
  • You’re ready to invest and BET on yourself in a BIG way — and want to make this year the best year of your life - boldly claiming your desires and dreams.
  • You’re done with playing small, bending yourself to meet others needs and putting yourself last - and ready to play full out, be outrageous and finally get out of your own way. 
  • You're done doing things as a lone wolf - you’re craving structure, support and an intimate sisterhood of fierce female women by your side  as you step into the next level version of you.
  • You’re ready for a big, bold, full expressed you.



I remain forever grateful for every part of curiosity, for the profound yearning I struggled with throughout my life. It led me to this work, to this community, to myself. Stephanie has a way about her that is powerful beyond measure, a graceful way of opening every closed door of your soul. Every woman deserves to live a life full of wonder and joy and power and pleasure and success and failure and laughter and love – and to know that we are not alone. That our story is that of all women, and one worth honoring and celebrating.


- Meaghan, Managing Director, One Design


Our culture wants women to be small and of service. Lioness is not a leadership course for executives escaping toxic culture, it is a self-knowledge, personal sovereignty, and conscious sisterhood experience for women looking to uncover and express themselves in the care of a tribe of incredible women. Only participate in this experience if you are open to radical transformation and emerge a new and more yourself woman.


- Marissa S, Culture Activist


Working with Stephanie and Lioness Leadership has taught me that there is power in being an integrated human. Success isn’t predicated on being hard and showing no weaknesses. Instead, it’s allowing yourselves to be imperfect, to be comfortable in your competent, and credible chaos, and leading not just with your mind, but also with your heart, souls, and essence. Success is already here and already yours. We just need to be present, ready, and show up for it with integrity and openness.


- Andrea Chesleigh, VP of Product @ Boxed



(Lioness) took me from a people-pleasing broken girl to a pleasure-seeking entrepreneurially-spirited woman.


Elyse Estrada, VP Consultant



A life changing experience and journey to joy, pleasure and true growth.


- Erica Dhawan, Keynote Speaker on 21st Century Collaboration



Stephanie Redlener

Lioness Founder, Feminine Leadership Coach, Master Facilitator & Speaker 

I work closely with female executives, founders, creative catalysts and visionaries who are ready to rewrite the system, launch their ideas in the world, build new businesses, and lead with their radiance and joy. 

The Lioness feminine leadership collective is the culmination of 20+ years of my own journey with power and pleasure. As a leading management and culture consultant for Fortune 100 executives and companies like IBM, Metlife, and TDAmeritrade, and founders  I had the privilege of helping thousands of female executives and founders find real meaning in their lives through their careers. Yet, over and over again, I saw women losing their power inside the system even though they were making more money and had better titles. When I began my journey as a sex, love and relationship coach, working with with pioneering teachers like Layla Martin,  and serving as Master Trainer for The School of Womanly Arts alongside world-famous Mama Gena invited me into the innermost depths of a woman’s being. 

What I ultimately discovered with the women I worked with is what I ultimately discovered within myself: our true power is directly tied to how good we feel. As a result, I created a pleasure-centered leadership practice and collective that activates and supports women in their fullest expression, so that they can change the world—when and how they feel like it.